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Storage Machines

Tornado Lift System

Providing fully automated and customised storage for your facility, the state-of-the-art Dexion TORNADO Lift System reduces picking times and minimises errors, while increasing storage capacity and improving operator workflow.† Simple to use, configure and maintain, the Tornado will easily integrate with most warehouse management systems.

Easy to customise to specific requirements, the automated Tornado storage system is fast, energy efficient and simple to use.† Providing safe and secure handling of the small parts and items in your warehouse, the Tornado has a clear-cut and uncomplicated design, saving costs on maintenance and making the system very dependable.†It is also flexible and can easily be adapted for additional stock with minimum disruption and cost.

  • Can increase storage capacity and decrease footprint by 70%
  • Straightforward design helps reduce overall maintenance and costs
  • Ergonomically designed to benefit workflow

Tornado Lift System Configurations

The swift storage and retrieval of items with a high rate of accuracy is made capable through a pick-by-light system and optimal operator guidance. The systemís intelligently designed engine stores high-use trays closer to the retrieval point, further decreasing picking times and making the Tornado particularly suited to storing seasonal items.† It can also be used as a lift between warehouse floors with multiple access points.

  • Can reduce picking times by up to 65%
  • Minimises picking errors
  • Especially useful for seasonal goods
  • Can function as a lift between the floors of a facility

The Tornadoís picking system is simple.† An item code is entered by the user manually, or by using a bar-code reader or a higher-level system, this item is then retrieved by the Tornado which presents it to the user at the optimum height for picking.†The machine is equipped with a large LCD status display with clear graphics. Items stored within the Tornado are protected from dust and contamination, while every level can be programmed to be password protected to provide additional security.

  • Security system prevents unauthorised use
  • Makes order processing simple and paperless
  • Windows based PC control software permits easy integration with most types of Warehouse Management System
  • Can be used as lift to move products between floors
  • Can be serviced and updated remotely

Allowing increased storage in a smaller footprint and rapid automated picking and loading within your facility, the Tornado lift system is simple to use, can be easily integrated into existing warehouse operations and greatly reduce overall warehousing costs.

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Tornado Lift System

  • Easy to customise, energy-efficient and simple to use
  • Can increase storage capacity by 70%
  • Pick-by-light system and optimal operator guidance
  • Can reduce picking times by up to 65%
  • Minimises picking errors
  • Ideal for seasonal goods
  • Can be used as a lift between warehouse floors
  • Simple and paperless order processing
  • Tray Width (Internal): 1250 - 4250mm
  • Tray Depth (Internal): 520, 620, 720, 820 and 1220mm (other dimensions available on request)
  • Total Height: up to 15m
  • Electrical Connection: 400 VAC
  • Motor Output: 5.5 kW
  • Tray Load Capacity: up to 600kg
  • Load Height: up to 850mm
  • Total Load Capacity: up to 60,000kg

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