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Pallet Shuttle System

For high-density storage capacity similar to drive-in racking, the Pallet Shuttle System is a semi-automated storage system that eliminates the need for aisles. The system does not require forklift trucks to enter the racking itself, as the handling of pallets is done by remotely controlled shuttles within the racking, allowing greater precision, saving time and reducing costs

Comparable to the drive-in racking system, the Dexion Pallet Shuttle system is a semi-automated system for the storing of goods in side by side pallet channels or rows. The placement of goods within the channels is done by a remotely controlled automated pallet shuttle (a battery powered cart), eliminating the need for forklift trucks to enter the pallet racking itself, saving manpower, equipment and time. Outside of the racking, the handling of pallets can be done by standard forklift trucks.

  • High density storage of pallets akin to drive-in racking
  • No need for specialist forklift trucks
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Can work to either FIFO (first in, first out) or LIFO (last in, first out) principles

The pallet shuttle system maximises storage space like drive-in racking but with lower levels of stress for staff and decreased risk to staff, goods and equipment loading machinery. Pallets are stored on supports mounted on both sides of the channels. Within the channel, the pallet shuttle can accurately lift, place and rearrange pallets to suit the storage requirements and workflow of the facility. Functioning at high-speeds, the pallet shuttle provides quick and reliable storage within the racking system.

  • Reduced risk to and stress levels of warehouse/facility staff
  • Reduced risk of damage to warehouse machinery and goods stored
  • Reduced number of forklift trucks required
  • Reduced pallet placement times
  • Minimal maintenance needed for pallet shuttle itself
  • Reduced overall costs

The pallet shuttle system is highly suitable for use in:

  • Cold storage
  • Food production
  • Meat processing
  • Beverage production and distribution
  • Any drive-in or drive-through racking system

For the ultra dense storage of a drive-in racking system that can work to either FILO or FIFO principles, the Pallet Shuttle System can streamline your operations by reducing manpower and equipment costs while providing a safer and less stressful work environment.


The pallet shuttle is powered by a Lithium battery. Near the end of the battery’s life, the pallet shuttle will automatically return to its start point to permit the user to replace the battery or the shuttle itself. The pallet shuttle will not stop working mid-operation.

CE marked and made in Italy, the pallet shuttle comes in a range of different models which are designed for a variety of different pallet configurations. It is available to be configured for an warmer (0 to 45°C) or colder (-1 to -30°C) environments.

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Pallet Shuttle System

  • High floor space utilisation
  • Pallets automatically removed and retrieved to pick face
  • Meets both LIFO and FIFO requirements
  • Best suited to uniform articles
  • No need for specialist trucks to enter the lanes

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