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Pallet Flow Racking

Pallet Flow is often used for the storage of goods with a high rate of turnover on FIFO principles through the use of angled rails and roller beds within the racking. Allowing quick access to goods stored, the pallet flow system can save up to 60% in floor space compared to traditional racking systems as it requires only two forklift truck lanes.

Dexion Pallet Flow racking is a system that utilises inclined rails or beds within the racking to achieve high density storage on the FIFO principle (first in, first out).  Using up to 60% less space than conventional pallet racking systems, this system, sometimes called Pallet Live Storage, is often used for the storage of goods when quick access is needed and there is a high rate of turnover for stock. 

  • Saves up to 60% of floor space compared to conventional racking systems
  • FIFO system that allows automatic stock rotation
  • Suitable for storing goods with a high rate of turnover
  • Allows for high-speed functionality and quick access to goods within a warehouse or facility

Pallets are put in storage lanes at the loading point and utilise gravity to travel forward on inclined wheel conveyors.  To aid the forklift driver with pallet alignment, guides are fitted at the loading face.  While moving smoothly on full-width or twin-track rollers, the pallets are kept in control by a series of brake rollers.  At the picking point, pallets are brought to a controlled stop by a combined load separator and end stop unit.  The separator securely maintains the queue of pallets while the bottom pallet is being unloaded safely. 

Every installation can be customised to match the pallet type, weight and storage system requirements.  As it requires only two forklift truck aisles (one for loading and one for picking), the pallet flow system, which is popular in the food and drinks industry as well as the manufacturing industry, can help to save huge amounts of space in warehouses and facilities.

  • Only two forklift truck aisles needed
  • Can be tailored to suit specific requirements

Fully customisable, pallet flow storage systems can streamline your warehouse operations while providing automatic stock rotation through FIFO principles and saving you valuable space.

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Pallet Flow

  • High density storage
  • Meets FIFO requirements
  • For uniform articles and pallets
  • Can be operated with a reach trauch and / or counterbalanced forklift
  • Requires good quality pallets or cartons
  • Channel Depth: Dependent on number of pallets
  • Channel Width:
  • 1 Lane - 1000mm
  • 2 Lanes - 2000mm
  • 3 Lanes - 3600mm
  • Block Height: up to 12,000mm
  • Pallet Weight: Up to 1200kg
  • Uprights: Pre-galvanised or painted
  • Beams: Pre-galvanised or painted
  • Accessories: Pre-galvanised or painted

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